The LaHaye Family


We are the LaHayes and my husband and I have three children: Zachary (6), Joshua (3), and Rebecca (1). Zachary was diagnosed with high functioning Autism in 2014 through a study we voluntarily participated in through GSU. Joshua was diagnosed through a private psychologist in 2015 after participating in the Babies Can’t Wait program for speech. Both boys are in special needs programs at our local school district and are getting Applied Behavior Therapy for two hour a week. Zachary is being tested for the gifted program and Joshua is making a lot of gains with his speech. It is hard having such a wide range of abilities but we love and appreciate each of our children and want to take them as far as they each can go. It would be helpful if everyone supported us and didn’t argue or question the diagnosis. Special needs children need a lot of support and so do their families.