Welcome to More Than Ordinary,

My name is Lindsey Turner, I’m the one in the middle of the picture. In 2008, I had an idea to put on fun events for families who have a child with a special need or disability. This idea really took off and we now have multiple locations in different countries. You can check it out at www.eliproject.org. Over the years, I have met over 15,000 people who have or know someone with a special need or disability. Getting to know people and families as intimately as I have has taught me a ton. My love for all the people I’ve met continues to grow and I continue to think of ways to improve inclusion, equal opportunities, awareness and most importantly love and acceptance for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Jacob,Lindsey, HeidiA few years ago I heard a mom speaking at a conference about her son who has autism and she described him as extraordinary. I loved how she described him and I loved the word extraordinary. I started thinking and I realized being ordinary is okay, but being more than ordinary is truly awesome. I started thinking of an idea to give people who are More Than Ordinary or people who know someone who is More Than Ordinary a way to share their story to spread love and acceptance and to educate society.

More than ordinary is a movement meant to inspire people of all abilities to live a life of love and acceptance. The authentic stories onĀ morethanordinary.com provide insight into the lives of people and families living with a special need or disability. These stories are meant to provide hope and peace as well as educate society on the importance of treating everyone, regardless of their abilities, with love and acceptance.

If you are someone who is More Than Ordinary, or a friend or family member to someone who is More Than Ordinary, please share your story at www.morethanordinary.com

You can also send me a message from the contact page if you would like to share your story in person and I will schedule a time with you when we can record your story together.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing your story.